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The Stan Freberg Page - When Radio Was


When Radio Was

    Tapes Now Available!              Listen on the Internet!
    "When Radio Was...", hosted by Radio Hall of Famer Stan Freberg, was a nationally syndicated series produced by Radio Spirits, Inc., syndicated via satellite by Dick Brescia Associates and heard on over 300 stations in the USA, as well as around the world via Armed Forces Radio, until it was canceled in January, 1999. 
    Some of these stations run the program Monday through Friday, some run it on weekends, and still others do both. 

    Affiliated Stations
    To find the radio station in your area that airs "When Radio Was...with Stan Freberg," click on the Affiliates section. 

    Program Schedule
    Please click here to see what programs are coming up on "When Radio Was." 

    Tapes Available!
    "WHEN RADIO WAS..." Tapes are now available from Radio Spirits! Twocomplete consecutive radio broadcasts on Chrome C-96 Casettes for only $1.98 each, while supplies last! For full details, call Radio Spirits and ask for their free full-color catalog. 1-800-RADIO-48(1-800-723-4648)

    Listen on the Internet
    Listen to "When Radio Was" and other great Old Time Radio shows on Radio Spirits new website by using the RealAudio plugin along with your Internet web browser. 

    Stations in your Area
    To find out which radio station in your area carries "When Radio Was...", call 1-847-524-0200, ext. 234, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, Central. 

    Copyright © 1998, Radio Spirits, Inc./Dick Brescia Associates, Inc.