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    ImageThe Stan Freberg Mailing List is a great place to find out even more about Stan.  Here members keep each other up to date on what's new and interesting in the field of comedy, cartoons and Old Time Radio shows. 

    One of our own members says it best:

    "You'll find here a fine group of devotees to the wisdom and art of Stan Freberg, a very friendly bunch with absolutely NO axes to grind, or personal agendas.   We just appreciate humor when done as well as Stan, and revel in its expression.  Please join in on any topic, and comment on anything.  Favorite humorists, movies, books, recordings, whatever."

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    Mailing List Rules

    It's very simple:

    1. Try to keep the topic at least semi-related to Stan Freberg. 
    Everyone in this group is here for mainly one reason.  They enjoy the
    great humor of Stan Freberg!

    2. No flame wars please.
    This is an unmoderated mailing list and we'd like to keep it that way. 
    You are free to say whatever you like, however we ask that you please
    be courteous to others and that you refrain from using profanity on this list.


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