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Freberg on Radio 
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    Stan Freberg Here
    The following radio stations broadcast Stan Freberg's program "Stan Freberg Here"
    Kennewick, WA KALE-AM 960 Stan Freberg Here M-F, 9:45 am 
    6:45 pm
    Kennewick, WA  KTCR-AM 1340 Stan Freberg Here M-F, 1:30 pm 
    4:30 pm
    If you know of any stations not on this list that broadcasts "Stan Freberg Here", please send the following information to the webmaster to be added to this list. 
    City, State: 
    Station Call Letters & Frequency: 
    Program Name: (Stan Freberg Here)

    Program Air Time: 
    When Radio Was

    Listen to "When Radio Was" with Stan Freberg (and other great Old Time Radio shows).  Check out Radio Spirits new website!

    Check out the upcoming shows on the "When Radio Was" Schedule.
    Check out the list of Radio stations that broadcast "When Radio Was".

    To find out which radio station in your area carries "When Radio Was...", call 1-847-524-0200, ext. 234, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, Central.

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