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"That's Right, Arthur"  


    This is the script for Stan's recording making fun of Arthur Godfrey and Ed Sullivan which was never released and still remains locked up in the Capitol Records vaults.  Below is an excerpt from Stan's book explaining the humor in this piece.

    "As I listened to Godfrey babbling along on his daily radio show, it seemed to me that he was often oblivious to the fact that while he was a very rich man, his audience wasn't necessarily in the same income bracket. We had (Godfrey) commenting to the audience while his sidekick Tony Marvin (who served the same function Ed McMahon does with Johnny Carson) agreed with everything Godfrey said.

      GODFREY:  Sayyy, you folks ought to go out and buy your own airplane, just like I did. Help you relax.
      MARVIN:  That's right, Arthur.
      GODFREY:  I see where the Douglas Aircraft Company is havin' a one-cent sale. You buy one DC-3 for five million dollars, you get another one for a penny.  You folks should take advantage of that.
      MARVIN:  That's right, Arthur.

    Godfrey was firing people left and right at the time, and he had just axed the singer Julius La Rosa. People working for Godfrey trembled in their boots for fear of being the next to go.  We had Godfrey tell some feeble joke, followed by the sound of gargling.

      GODFREY:  What's that noise?
      MARVIN:  It was me, Arthur.  I was drinking a glass of water when you told that last joke. I wasn't able to laugh in time, so I did the next best thing;  I gargled.
      GODFREY:  Sayyy, that's thinkin' on your feet.  Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk.  Only the quick thinkers stay with me!
      MARVIN: That's right, Arthur."
    Selection taken directly from "It Only Hurts When I Laugh" page 81