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Freberg FAQs
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Mailing list
    Frequently Asked Questions

    This FAQ is currently being assembled. If you would like to volunteer to help with this project, please write to the webmaster.

    2.The Stan Freberg mailing list 
    • 1.How to subscribe and unsubscribe 
    • 2.How to get an archive of previously-posted messages 
    3.The World's Most Official Unofficial Stan Freberg Page 
    • 1.Locations 
    • 2.Does Stan Freberg know about this site? 
    4.Stan Freberg 
    • 1.Who is Stan Freberg? 
    • 2.What has he done? 
      • 1.Radio programs 
      • 2.Records and CDs 
      • 3.Commercials 
    • 3.Where does he live? What is he doing now? 
    5.Freberg's cohorts 
    • 1.Jesse White
    • 2.June Foray 
    • 3.Peter Leeds 
    • 4.Billy May 
    • 1."Two cents...plain/fruited" 
    • 2."I did, but they bought The Price Is Right" 
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