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    CBS Radio Show: #1 - #7 (4 CDs) 

    Disc 1

      Episode 1  (7-14-57)
      Tuned Sheep
      Incident at Las Varoces 

    Disc 2 

      Episode 2  (7-21-57)
      Barbara Fritchie
      Abominable Snowman#1
      Mount Rushmore
      Max's Delicatessen
      Rock Around Stephen Foster 
      Episode 3  (7-28-57)
      Miss Jupiter
      Skin Divers and Mandolins
      Upward and Onward Girls!
      The Flying Zazlophs#1
      Bob Tainter: Custer's Last Stand 
    Disc 3
      Episode 4  (8-4-57)
      Great Moments in History-Paul Revere
      Herman Morne. #1
      Lox Audio Theater
      Yellow Rose of Texas

      Episde 5  (8-11-57)
      Flying Saucer (Orville)
      Herman Horne#2
      Lawrence Welk 

    Disc 4
      Episode 6  (8-18-57)
      CBS Censor, Bob Tainter: Cassabianca
      Face the Funnies#1
      Rock Island Line 

      Episode 7  (8-25-57)
      The Lone Analyst
      Nose Flute
      Driving of the Golden Spike
      Banana Boat Song

    CBS Radio Show: #8 - #15 (4 CDs) 

    Disc 1 

      Episode 8  (9-1-57) 
      The Zazaloph Family Return
      Uninterrupted Melody: The Story Of The Good Humor Men
      Face the Funnies #2
      St. George and the Dragonet

      Episode 9  (9-8-57) 
      A Condensed Version Of The Confidential Magazine Trial
      The Abominable Snowman and Fiancee
      Robert E. Tainter: Washington Crossing the Delaware
      The Honeyearthers

    Disc 2

      Episode 10  (9-15-57)
      Audience Gripes About Freeways
      The Freberg Do-It-Yourself Grand Piano
      Literary Giants of Our Time: Fortune Cookie Writer Albert T. Wong
      Herman Horne on Hi Fi #3
      Heartbreak Hotel

      Episode 11  (9-22-57)
      College Footballer Francis 'Butch' Sharmley
      The Monkey Song
      Foster Pelt, Theatrical Agent for Dog Acts
      Bang Gunleigh, U.S. Marshal Field'

    Disc 3
      Episode 12  (9-29-57)
      High-Speed Rocket Sled
      The Home Handyman
      Robert E. Tainter: Labor Racketeer

      Episode 13  (10-6-57)
      Cocktails For Two
      Circus Question
      Gray Flannel Hat Full Of Teenage Werewolves 

     Disc 4

      Episode 14  (10-13-57)
      Freberg Sponsors Freberg
      Miss Jupiter Returns
      Freberg In Advertisingland
      Sam Spillade 

      Episode 15  (10-20-57)
      Elderly Man River
      Bang Gunleigh
      Banana Boat Song
      Wun'erful, Wun'erful
      Abominable Snowman 

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