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Hogan's Heroes
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    "One of the shows I was hired to promote was Hogan's Heroes, a situation comedy set--I still can't believe it--in a Nazi prisoner of war camp.  As a satirist, I couldn't help lampooning the whole idea of the thing.  Here's how one comercial ended up, with me interviewing Bob Crane, the star of the show.

    FREBERG:  Where does the show take place?

    CRANE:  In a Nazi prisoner of war camp in Germany.

    FREBERG:  Always a good situation comedy locale.  What are some of the amusing ingredients?

    CRANE:  Oh, German plice dogs... machine guns... the Gestapo...

    FREBERG:  Just a few of the laugh-provoking elements to be seen this fall on Hogan's Heroes, Friday nights on CBS.  Shall we say, "If you liked World War II, you'll love Hogan's Heroes?

    CRANE:  No, let's not say that, no."

    Above Script taken directly from "It Only Hurts When I Laugh" page 132

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